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Mini ES Wind Shield

Project Name: Transocean Galaxy 1

			Mini ES Wind Shields installed at Transocean Galaxy 1.

			Mini ES Wind Shields installed at Transocean Galaxy 1.

Transocean Galaxy 1 was selected for a drilling campaign on the Elgin field within the North Sea as a direct replacement for the previously operating Rowan Viking Drilling Rig.

Due to the close proximity of the drilling rig to the flare boom of the Elgin platform there was a requirement to fully enclose the drilling derrick of the rig, which consisted of placing Heatshields on all four sides, as well as covering the crown block roof.

Design and fitting of the support structures, along with the installation of the shields was completed in association with MSD Design Ltd.

In excess of 1750m˛ Locker ‘Mini ES’ and ‘Double Skin Ladder’ shields were attached to pre-fabricated support structures, which were then lifted into place and clamped to the Derrick structure.

			Mini ES shields installed at Transocean Galaxy 1.

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