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BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate No. Q05104.
BS EN ISO 9001:2015
Certificate No Q 05104

Mini ES Wind Shield

The ‘Mini ES’ type shield is used as a permanent solution for protect both personnel and equipment from the harsh weather conditions experienced both onshore and offshore in the oil and gas industry.

The shield is of a single layer construction which can reduce the wind speed by up to 62% without affecting light transmission and ventilation. This can be further expanded by adding an additional layer which will reduce the wind speed by up to 72%. Protection against radiant heat is also provided.

The Mini ES Shield has been successfully tested to wind speeds in excess of 100mph.

Key Features

Mini ES shield

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Windshielding installation Transocean Galaxy 1 Windshielding installation Transocean Galaxy 1

Mini ES Shield: Wind Speed Reduction Test Results

Free Flow
Wind Speed
Speed Recorded
Behind Shield
Total Reduction
in Speed
(mph) (mph) (mph) (%) (mm)
53 17 36 68 14.8
82 31 51 62 33.3
87 32 55 63 48.5
94 35 59 63 61
97 37 60 62 69.6
101 38 63 62 76.5

Tabulated values are extracted from Test Report No. R11918. On completion of the wind speed test the shields were fully inspected and no evidence of damage was identified.


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