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Locker Wind Shielding

  • Scarv-FPSO

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We are proud to announce the addition of the Galebreaker Industrial range of lightweight tensioned fabric Heat and Wind Shields to our product portfolio. This collaboration will expand the range of Heat and Wind Shielding products specifically designed for the oil and gas sectors.

Offshore platforms typically experience harsh and unpredictable weather. Providing working environments which are both safe and accessible to personnel can be extremely difficult in such inclement conditions.

The Locker range of Wind and weather Shields has been created to provide both permanent and temporary solutions to a range of environmental problems, offering effective wind and weather protection without adversely affecting light transmission or ventilation.

All Locker Wind and weather Shields are tailor-made to your specific requirements using independently tested and verified materials and fixing methods. Once installed, Locker offshore wind and weather shielding can effectively minimise risk to personnel and improve productivity. The Locker range comprises:

Mini ES Windshield

Galebreaker Industrial Fabric Windshield

Mini Windshield


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